Many people cannot afford to get the improvements they need to live comfortably in their homes. Getting a home improvement loan is harder than ever, especially for people in underserved communities who need the most help. But luckily for folks in Florida, there is a non-profit that is changing all of that.

SELF is an innovative company that has made it their mission to help homeowners from all walks of life enjoy safer, healthier and more comfortable homes. They provide low-interest rate home improvement loans, and they do so with no minimum credit score limits.

We partnered with SELF on a rebranding initiative that would help them better communicate all the ways they could help homeowners.

Redefining SELF

SELF’s loan services evolved over time and the branding needed to reflect that change. The solar/energy focused logomark and tagline no longer represented the types of loans they provide today. The new brand identity encompasses more of the programs and services that SELF offers.

Multi-media Delivery System

A variety of print and web-based graphics was created to promote the programs and services offered by SELF. Graphic continuity, consisitent messaging and homeowner success stories help to spread the word of SELF’s contribution in low- to moderate-income communities.


SELF Website

SELF’s website is their most important tool when navigating the home improvement loan process. It is structured to take you step-by-step through the search of finding the right loan program to the finding the right contractor for you.

Prequalification App

SELF App Screen
SELF App Screen
SELF App Screen
SELF App Screen