Company Naming

MyTripConcierge was a mouthful. It was hard to type and hard to remember. We went through a variety of potential names and landed on Joieful. was short, fun, poignant and encapsulated the brand perfectly.

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Kiosk Platform Development

The Joieful platform functions as a virtual concierge that keeps the concierge desk at hotels running 24/7. The kiosk nature of the platform has also allowed the platform to expand beyond hotel lobbies into retail locations and other venues.

Joieful Kiosk
Joieful Kiosk

Single platform with many wrappers

In order to bring Joieful to life, we needed a nimble platform able to be delivered on iOS, Android*, Windows Desktop and Mac. By working from a singular web based platform with native app wrappers, we eliminated the need for future updates to be made on each platform separately.

* Android development still in progress

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Integrated Inventory

We also needed to tie in with the inventory and availability of the parent company, Livery Tours.

Livery Tours

End-to-End Hardware Based Encryption for kiosk swiping

To handle the Point-of-Sale elements on the kiosks, in a secure and PCI compliant manner, we worked with Mercury Payment systems to bypass the normal e-commerce gateways and deal directly with the processor. We integrated hardware encrypted card readers directly into the app.

The Joieful platform also integrates with and PayPal for additional payment methods.

Credit Card Joieful Kiosk with Swiper

User Experience

End users and concierges are able to quickly browse attractions and book via an extremely clean, fast and to-the-point interface.

City & Plantation

“Joieful is positioned as a powerful global brand as a result of the ingenuity and creativity of Good Work.”Aaron Dirks – CEO Joieful


Since the launch in October 2014, Joieful has:

  • 6 Locations & Growing
  • Over 2000 Tours & Attraction Booked and Counting
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