We love building long-term partnerships with our clients. In the case of Livery, our strong relationship better enables us to seamlessly meet their changing needs. At the start, we helped define their voice.

As their business evolved & expanded into new realms, we were there to brand and promote each new service. And when a national on-demand transportation provider came on the scene, we crafted a strategy positioning Livery as a viable competitor.

Limo Livery

Defining Limo Livery

Luxury transportation provider and flagship brand of the Livery family, Limousine Livery needed help finding their voice in order to standout as a leader among the competition. Their commitment to providing top-quality service was foremost in their values and gave us a clear starting point for defining the brand.

Through brand investigation workshops, we were also able to uncover common characteristics of the Livery client: Hard working Business-minded Successful Always in motion Go-getters

This mirrored the Limousine Livery service mission:

  • To uphold the highest standard of luxury
  • To anticipate the needs of each customer
  • To be the best in the industry

An identity and tagline began to take form:

You’re driven and so are we. Be Driven.

Maintaining the standard of luxury across all brand elements was paramount. For web design inspiration, we found high-end hotel sites matched our desired tone and offered similar booking functionality. This approach was counter to anything we’d seen done in the industry and the risk paid off in a big way.

Customers love the website. Engagement is high and the site has an unheard of .17% bounce rate (for comparison, industry average is around 40%). We’re coming in at 1/5 of 1 percent, and the site has maintained that rate for over a year.

Google Analytics Bounce Rate (.17%)

Average (40%)





If hard data wasn’t enough to prove success, the site has also gotten some positive attention from around the web. In 2014, Limo Digest named among the ten best websites in the transportation industry. Client satisfaction is our priority, but we’re honored and grateful to be recognized by industry peers.

LimoLivery Website
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Livery VIP

Being a leader in the luxury transportation industry means you are destined to become a provider of choice. When branding a program for the top-tier clients, we had to take luxury to an even more indulgent level.

When asked to assist in the creation of the Livery VIP Global Access Program, we knew standard membership cards weren’t going to cut it for the top-tier clients. Instead we had matte black, stainless steel cards produced, engraved with a unique membership number that grants access to the program’s perks.

The same care and attention to detail were applied to the accompanying print brochure as well. Beautiful photography presented in a wide format on slightly pearlescent paper made the piece feel as important as the audience it was intended for.


“Good Work’s effort on Limousine Livery’s branding and website have been praised industry wide. I have yet to find a customer or friend who visited it not report back to me that it is one of the nicest web presences they have seen.”Aaron Dirks – CEO Livery Group

Livery Tours

Beyond Luxury Transportation

When Livery created a tour division, we were again tasked with finding a way to set them apart from national providers. When developing the website, we knew the front end, needed to be instantly engaging, highly informative, and offer a flawless mobile experience. On the backend, a connection to the client’s live logistics and inventory software was required to manage the data and the booking.

Livery Tours Website

We wanted to develop a sense of mystery and drama to get people excited about the tours they could book with Livery so we approached the homepage like a digital magazine. Large, dramatic photo backgrounds are paired with bold, aggressive headlines to draw a user in. What follows is a elegant, simple interface that allows a visitor to find exactly what they want from any device. The custom programmed shopping cart ensures fast, secure booking that ties in seamlessly with the company’s business system.

Livery Tours Phone
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“Good Work took a historically dusty industry in its web presence and positioned Livery Tours as the custom and high quality tour operator that it is and has left the competition in the brand dust.”Steven Garcia – CEO Livery Tours

Livery Car

LiveryCar App Marketing

LiveryCar Phone App

When thinking about how to market the on-demand transportation app, we knew that we had to differentiate LiveryCar from other apps offering the same functionality. What the national players lacked (and would never be able to replicate) was Livery’s New Orleans roots. By focusing on the local connection, LiveryCar marketing lets locals know that they are ordering a ride from a company that cares about this city. Livery has been in New Orleans for over 30 years and isn’t going anywhere; no other transportation app provider can make that claim. To help make that connection visual, we just called on some of our friends.

New Orleans loves its locals, but it is also a major destination. The app needed to reach beyond the city limits and into the international tourism market.

To effectively reach a broader audience:
  • We leveraged Livery’s hotel partnerships
  • Created integrated campaigns across all brands
  • Built a street team for on-the-ground promotion
  • Utilized data analytics for targeted SEM and PPC initiatives
LiveryCar Push Cards
Livery Car Email Template
Livery Car Magazine