Brand positioning defines who you are, what you stand for and what you consistently deliver to customers, employees and vendors. In other words, your brand positioning is how you tell your unique story.

We believe that your story is worth telling.

Common sense tells us that in order to figure out where you are going, we first must determine where you are. This is exactly what our brand consulting practice aims to discover by getting to the heart of what differentiates you from the competition.

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We find answers to questions like: Why do your customers buy from you? Who are your core customers? How is your brand really perceived? What things are you currently doing that don’t resonate with your brand? In what ways is your brand different from the competition?

Focused Brand Research

By focusing in on what’s relevant and true about your brand today, we arm ourselves with key insights that allow us to move your brand forward tomorrow.

We use investigation and brand research to dig deep, uncovering brand perceptions (from customers and employees), identifying potential issues and illuminating advantages that can be leveraged. Research is a critical component of our creative process and we offer solutions for companies of all sizes.

Research Techniques

  • Quantitative
    • Phone Surveys
    • Online Surveys
  • Qualitative
    • Customer Focus Groups
    • Employee Focus Groups
    • Interviews with Company Leadership & Key Staff
  • Third Party Research
    • Trade Publications
    • Articles & Journal

Positioning Strategy

Our research culminates with a brand positioning strategy that clearly defines and differentiates your company from your competitors. The strategy acts as a road map for all future marketing, PR and business communication efforts and contains the following elements:

  • Brand Positioning Statement
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Tone & Manner
  • Key Messaging
  • Brand Values