Things are about to get grammatical.

How grammatical, you ask? Superhero grammatical. Batman grammatical.


Consider this:

We make plans, we change goals, we conquer all sorts of obstacles, and we could still find ourselves just a little bit disappointed at the end of the day.  It’s only natural…but why?

Today’s mantra is all about the words “best” and “great.” We need to eat the best foods with our great looking friends in the best clothes with great music playing in the background.

“It can always be better,” said every annoying salesman.

When you look at advertisements, everyone and their seventh cousin who wears suspenders is the “best” at whatever it is that they do. We have no other words to go by, because the assumption is that things that are “greater” are the “best”; if you aren’t the best, you’re wasting your time.

What does it even mean to be the best these days…when everyone is the “best”?

It’s wrong to assume that the “best” is truly the best option. If you consider the true meaning of the word “good,” it excels. More importantly, its connotation is actually better than the “great” and “best” options.

Allow me to divulge.

The word “best” has lost its proper meaning. These days, there is a selfish tint to it when you see it in advertisements and on websites and in the newspaper. Being “great” is just as bad, continuously working to be better for the sake of the ego.

Being great or the best has nothing to do with offering the best services or the best products…it only deals with being the best and being great.

“Choose us because we are awesome!”
“Hey! Look at what we do! Aren’t we cool?”
“Don’t listen to those people, we are the best.”

Self-marketing has become an act: how can we seem like the best? How do we convince them all?

The point has been forgotten: what about the clients? What are we actually doing for them?

Some clients of ours have asked why we focus on doing good work and not great work.  To us good work is part of our vision to “DO GOOD” by our clients.

Being “good” and doing good work may not seem like a signifying characteristic, especially when there are hundreds of “better” options out there. But, to us, good is better because it places emphasis back on the client, fellow team members and our community.

Doing good is about finding what characteristics make something good, and putting forth amazing efforts to make the project, as a whole, better in the long run. Doing good focuses on the possible changes that will result. Doing good sees a ripple effect to all efforts, it sees a community of dedicated entrepreneurs who wish to make a difference in at least a few lives.Do-Good-Work