When writing web content, it is important to remember your audience.

Hello, audience!

I’m Johanna, also known as the 7th member of Team Good Work. They gave me a desk and everything—there is a sofa in my room. How lucky is that? “Boom,” seems like the appropriate phrasing, “that happened.”

Number 7 is extremely lucky indeed, y’all. And the work has only just begun.

This blog post is getting a little sentimental, so maybe a few facts about me will help alleviate your reading and we can get to know one another a little better.

Boring you with a memoir just isn’t a good idea, so here is the gist:

  1. Born in NOLA
  2. Entranced by Buttons
  3. Translated in France for Crème Brûlée
  4. Can’t Dance but Does Anyway
  5. Record of Water Glasses Consumed in 30 minutes: 13

When I was little, did SEO and website content writing and proposals ever cross my mind? Nope. Honestly, I thought I’d be a firefighter.

The funny thing about living is that life seems to grow as we grow, and dreams can change. I couldn’t be more grateful for that, because being a firefighter with my height would be really, super difficult. Writing became a huge love in my life, something that just always fit well. It became my new goal: find a way to write and talk to people. The dream became a function, not an ideal. That could very well be the key to success; it has done wonders for me. Good Work wouldn’t be in my life if it weren’t for my love for the way communication functions.

To have a job where writing and reading and editing are always present, with moments of learning new concepts and techniques, with people who are genuinely interesting…well it’s pretty unreal. (Hello, Lucky #7.)

This week marks the end of Week 2 at Good Work, and it has definitely been a worthwhile jump into marketing and design. Every day brings a new task and new content and new research, and my inner dork explodes with glee. Create relevant SEO titles? Done. Match the voice of this website? Done. How many ways can you fix the content to add keywords? Lots. So many.

The work here is good, and my coworkers are good. My life is officially good.
(This is bad keyword use, but it is true nonetheless.)

Until we read again, my name is Johanna; I’m excited, with a million adverbs, to be here at Good Work.