Email marketing is a very effective tool for businesses (both small and large). Successful business owners and their sales people know that building business, converting leads into sales, and keeping clients happy all involve staying in touch and keeping the conversation going.

Being one of the cheapest marketing mediums out there (averaging about 2 cents per recipient), email marketing is much more cost effective than direct mail and costly magazine ads. Most importantly, email marketing enables you to tailor messages to your recipients interests.  This allows you to become a resource to those individuals.

Last week, we were honored to give a short presentation on email marketing to a group of sales reps. During the presentation we focused on one main point: the importance of becoming a resource. Becoming a resource means giving your prospects and clients what they want.  It does not mean focusing exclusively on what you want (for them to buy more product).

Get to know your prospects, find out what they are interested in and deliver it.  This is how you will be positioned as a resource and become a trusted information source and vendor. You will soon see your sales increase because you are now listening to your prospects instead of screaming at them to purchase your goods.

During the presentation, we learned that our audience was most interested in SPAM triggers. Below, I’ve included a list of words, phrases and other elements that will put your email newsletter in a SPAM folder faster than you can say “buy my product.

Words and Phrases that trigger Spam Filters:

(both in the subject line and body copy)

  • FREE
  • Free Quote
  • Free Trial
  • Free Gift
  • Free Offer
  • Free Offer Guaranteed!
  • Guarantee
  • Guaranteed!
  • 100% guarantee
  • One Time Only
  • $$
  • Apply Now
  • Limited Time Offer
  • Email Marketing
  • Information You Requested

**This is not a complete list. We encourage you to do a quick internet search on the topic if you’d like to learn more phrases.

Other Factors:

  • Lots of punctuation!!!!!!!????
  • Actually writing in the email that you conform to spam laws
  • Sending completely HTML emails (all pics and no text)
  • Not sending a text only version along with your HTML email
  • Not including an opt out or unsubscribe link

Now get out there and start connecting with your prospects and clients!  Remember to put thought into the content that you are sending to specific groups. Think about what the recipients want to hear about and focus on that.