Public perception of what retirement looks like hasn’t changed much over the last fifty years. Retirees are portrayed as men with white hair smiling at you from the golf course or mature ladies whose great pleasure in life is derived from a healthy garden.

It turns out, that’s not how modern retirees see themselves at all. After doing the research, we realized that we needed to shift the perspective away from “your father’s advisor” and toward an exciting future worth planning for.

The Plan

In order to appeal to both the current retiring generation and the generation behind them, the imagery needed to be youthful and vibrant. It had to echo the possibilities that a well-planned future could afford. We kept coming back to the concept of balance – How does one manage current responsibilities, save for the future and enjoy life now? It’s difficult.

It’s about taking risks, achieving goals, being confident, persevering, and living life fully. This was the visual voice our client had been searching for. The message: Plan Wisely. Live Confidently.

Simplified Branding

The next step was to unify and simplify things. By combining Garcia’s financial planning and insurance arms with the Garcia logo mark, we were better able to position Garcia as a total package provider.

Color Considerations


The Solution

Garcia Final Logo Design
Plan Wisely Brochure

Responsive, Personal Service

The brochure includes a range of interchangeable inserts, which allows for the creation of custom sales materials for each client’s individual need.

This methodology also speaks to the level of personal service Garcia constantly strives to provide.


Dynamic Grid NavigationDynamic Grid Navigation

We took an unconventional approach to the website, in order to give prospective clients the feeling of being guided to reflect on their lives and find comfort in their futures. By forgoing the traditional navigational structure and introducing a dynamic services grid, the website motivates visitors to explore the service offerings interactively.

The blog is a major component, as it gives Garcia a place to connect with clients.

And, of course, it looks great on any device.

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“Thank you for developing such an effective medium that conveys the value that Garcia brings to our clients.”Erik Garcia